Alice Curtis
CMA North Bay

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist:


I have many years of experience and expertise working with clients who need to sell property through probate, trusts and/or conservatorships.  This is a specialty field that requires patience and sensitivity.  Many of my clients are referred by attorneys, financial planner, accountants and private fiduciaries.  Most agents do some of what I do by default.  I do them with trained purpose......

I do the entire project management as needed at no additional cost other than the commission paid to sell the property.   I do sell mobile homes in addition to single family residences and multiple family units.   Help with preparing property for sale that could include so many things:  Tenant eviction, house trash out, personal property estates sales, re-keying, staging, repairs, code compliance, court confirmation appearances, interacting with your legal advisory, etc.

I have an entire service provider team to accomplish just about anything needed.  (References available by request).   My job is to coordinate their services from first contact to completion.

Marketing homes to get the highest possible sales price is what can be expected.  Need a market analysis for your accountant to establish a new basis?  No problem, just call. 

(707) 953-9952

I would be more than happy to consult with you in person or by telephone if your property falls into this specialty category.